How to Win the Thai Lotto

The Thai lotto has been running for many years. It was first used to raise funds for Thailand’s war effort during World War I, and then in 1932, it was introduced to fund social benefits. In 1934, the Thai government abolished the draftee tax, which created a revenue shortfall. This was the reason the lottery was developed and was later introduced to provinces and regional municipalities.

Anyone up to age 20 can play the Thai lottery. The prizes can be large, so buying multiple tickets can boost your chances of winning. However, winning the lottery means paying withholding tax on the money. The lottery is only available on two dates each month: the first and sixteenth of the month and the day after a holiday. To claim a prize, you must visit the lottery office in Bangkok.

The first step to winning the Thai Lottery is to choose your numbers carefully. Many people choose their lucky numbers based on their dreams and messages from the cosmos. If you’ve chosen the right numbers, you could be a billionaire. However, it is important to stick with the lottery – if you quit, you’ll never win.

Another thing to remember when buying lottery tickets is to avoid buying from strangers. You should also avoid storekeepers who don’t look Thai. You should also never pay more than 100 baht for a lottery ticket. This is because the merchants will be making a profit from it. So, try to find a trustworthy storekeeper who sells tickets at a good price.

Thai lottery tickets come in two kinds: the Thai charity lottery (TCL) and the Thai government lottery (TGL). Each ticket has a title in the upper left hand corner. The only differences between the two are the first prize payout ratio and the amount of tax on winnings. You can buy a ticket from the Government lottery or from a broker through the Krung Thai Bank.

Winners have two years to claim their prize after the draw date. The prize money is paid out in the form of a check from the GLO office in Nonthaburi. If หวยฝันเป็นจริง won more than 20,000 Baht, you’ll have to pay a one percent withholding tax. Whether you’re a lucky ticket owner or not, the Thai Lottery has become a great source of entertainment for the entire country.

The Thai lottery is the official national lottery of Thailand. It is popular not only in Thailand, but also in Kuwait, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. It is run by the government lottery office, and draws are held on the first and sixteenth of the month. Thailand Lottery results can be found on the official lottery website or by direct URL.

The results of the Thai lottery are announced on the first and sixteenth day of every month. The official government of Thailand announces the results and announces all winners. You can see the winning numbers charts here.

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