Lucky Numbers in Thailand and China

Besides the zodiac, many cultures also have their own lucky numbers. While in some cultures, numbers represent good luck, others believe in specific traits that are unlucky. Here are a few examples of lucky numbers. In China, 66 is considered an auspicious birthday. Regardless of culture, you may want to avoid gifting money or anything with the digits four or six. However, if you’re thinking of gifting someone in China, the number four is considered unlucky, especially if it’s in a red envelope.

In Thailand, people believe in the power of number seven. Buddhism considers the number seven to be lucky, and people often choose it to mark important milestones in their lives. For example, the Thai king has 9999 gold iPods produced to mark his 60th anniversary. Interestingly, in Buddhist culture, 9 monks are invited to new shops and buildings. The number nine is considered so auspicious that a Thai transport minister recently spent $95,000 to buy a special license plate with the number inscribed on it.

There are many myths surrounding the number seven, including the belief that the seventh child of a seventh-born would inherit magical powers. Some people even believe that the seventh son of a seventh-born father would be blessed with magical powers. But, contrary to popular belief, lucky number seven has no connection with the appetite of the number seven. Biblical scholars say that God created the world in six days, and used the seventh day to rest. In the Bible, seven is often cited as an example of completeness, a concept often referred to as “kick on wood.”

The number eight is a unique number, with significant meaning in both Chinese and Western cultures. It is a lucky number, because its pronunciation is similar to that of the Chinese word ‘fa’, which means fortune. In fact, Chinese people choose to change the phone number on their car to the number eight in order to receive lucky fortune. You may find your future in this fortunate number. หวยคำชะโนด is definitely worth a look. The Chinese are extremely lucky!

Nine is often associated with the Holy Trinity. It is also the most powerful and auspicious number. People who are on cloud nine are said to be happy, and people who are dressed to the nines are considered dapper. Historically, sailors were punished with a cat-o’-nine-tails if they disobeyed orders. In other cultures, the number three is also associated with good luck and abundance. However, you may have heard of a number of other meanings.

Whether you believe in numerology or not, your lucky number can affect your life in many ways. Depending on where you live, your lucky number can affect your health and finances. You can use a free calculator to find out your Lucky Number. It also tells you what planet your Lucky Number is associated with. This will help you choose an appropriate gemstone or crystal to counteract the negative effects of your lucky number. You can also use a lucky number calculator to find out your Personality Number and Lucky Number.

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